Deity - Jennifer L. Armentrout 5 stars

"So Daphne didn't turn into a tree to get away from you?"

"Oh, my gods," Aiden muttered, rubbing a hand along his jaw.

A muscle popped on Apollo's jaw. "That was not all my fault. Eros shot me with a damn arrow of love. Trust me, when you are hit with one of those things, you cannot help what you do."

"But you cut off some of her bark." I shuddered again. "And wore it as a wreath. That's like a serial killer collecting their victim's personal items… or fingers."

"I was in love," he replied, as if being in love explained away the fact that the chick turned herself into a tree to get away from him.

"Okay. What about Hyacinth? The poor boy had no idea—"

"Alexandria," Marcus sighed, looking near apoplectic.

"Sorry. I just don't understand why he hasn't smited me or something."

"The day is still young," Apollo said, grinning when my eyes widened.